Sunset Melt

Two days ago it was -38 degrees Celsius with wind chill. Today was a balmy 1 degree. The snow on the trees has mostly melted. A moment after the first shot was taken, the snow fell to the ground. The drop in the second shot did not hang around, either. Not enough time to set up a tripod to catch a better image. Maybe tomorrow!

20190103 Sunset Melt

20190103 Sunset Drops

National Geographic Fan

It started with the June 2016 issue in which one of my personal project images was published. However, while proud of my accomplishment, Sprout Two’s attention was drawn to the article about sharks. “Can we subscribe?” Two months later, his first issue arrived. Sprout Two and One pour over each issue, discussing articles and sharing tidbits of knowledge with my spouse and I. His love of this door to the world led his parents to buy him a T-shirt to include in his Christmas stocking. His ambition to be a marine biologist started with this magazine. Thanks for the inspiration, National Geographic!

20190101 National Geographic Fan (i)

20190101 National Geographic Fan (ii)