Easter Egg Hunt

We were surprised when the Sprouts wanted an Easter egg hunt this year. We thought they might have grown out of the annual family event. But no, they asked for it again. Even though a day late, the egg hunt was eagerly anticipated. Sprout Two, up very early, kept checking every half hour to see if Sprout One was awake. Finally, the princess awoke from her beauty sleep and joined the knight on a quest to find thirty-one eggs, within each a letter to spell out the phrase that would lead them to the ‘treasure’.

20170417 Easter Egg Hunt 01
20170417 Easter Egg Hunt 03
20170417 Easter Egg Hunt 05
20170417 Easter Egg Hunt 06
20170417 Easter Egg Hunt 08
20170417 Easter Egg Hunt 10
20170417 Easter Egg Hunt 11
20170417 Easter Egg Hunt 16
20170417 Easter Egg Hunt 17


We are avid readers. Our home is full of books that are read and re-read. iDevices have eBooks and apps for borrowing books online. Yet one of our favourite places is the town library, a place that feels like a second home. Today, a PD day for the Sprouts, we decided to visit the library, a place we had not been to in a while. The librarians were happy to see us. The children’s librarian kept pulling new books off the shelf for Sprout Two, “Check this one out!” The older Sprout spent time upstairs looking through teen literature (I can’t believe she’s a teenager already!). When we checked out our pile of books, the “upstairs librarian” didn’t even bat an eye. She printed off the receipt, a long list of book titles, smiled, and wished us well on our reading adventures. We love reading.

2016 11 28 Library 009
2016 11 28 Library 042

The pile of books (minus one or two):

2016 11 28 Library 045


The past two days of walking the “neighbourhood” has been full of wonder and delight. Because I am walking so slowly (recovering from minor surgery), there is more to notice, discuss and share, especially with the younger Sprout. One such wonder is, of course, mechanical in nature: a helicopter. Speculation abounded about the purpose of this flying machine with attached wire and objects. We finally agreed that the helicopter was ferrying hydro poles and bits for the hydro lane north of our home. The younger Sprout was fascinated with what was happening and would often stop to watch while waiting for Papa to catch up.

2016 10 01 Helicopter 001
2016 10 01 Helicopter 005