Backseat Musings

The youngest sprout is talkative, especially so around people with whom he is comfortable. At times he seems to verbalize streams of consciousness. It isn’t inane, yet it can be overwhelming for the rest of the family at times, especially the older sprout. There are moments, though, when he becomes quiet and still, focussing his thoughts inward. What is he thinking? What profound or amusing idea will he share next?

20180825 Backseat Musings 07.jpg

The Painter

Brushes lined up. Paints organized, then organized again. A paper plate for mixing. A glass filled with water for cleaning. Everything had to be ‘just so’. All the while he deliberated over the empty white page, “What to paint?” Then, decision made, the paint is poured onto the plate. The brush is dipped, a pause, a look, a breath, then careful brush strokes begin a masterpiece.

20180818 The Painter