I learned a new term this week. I posted one the images below on the interwebs and someone commented that the drops of water were not dew drops created by transpiration, but rather by guttation.

gut·ta·tion (ɡəˈtāSHən/); noun: the secretion of droplets of water from the pores of plants. (Source: Google Search)

No matter which term is used, if you look closely enough around you first thing in the morning details abound.

The first image shows the beauty of bokeh and light in the grass beside a road near our home.

Dew Bokeh

But what if you get even closer?

Verdant Dewdrop

Green Guttation


Morning Dew


Dewdrops and Rainbows

A blade of grass seemingly pulled in two directions by a web strand:


And lastly, a tiny leaf with drops:

Dewdrop Bokeh

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